PWI Meets Technology

Ahhh, the Digital Age. Don’t you just love it? At PWI, we sure do! While our first love is paper, we also love the amazing wonders we can create with technology. Are you… Continue reading

No Pun Intended

Here at Papered Wonders, we love paper! We also love words and combining design with written insight is icing on the cake! One of our dear clients, Joy Pittman from The LOFT at… Continue reading

Rested to Serve!

During our office closing, we were blessed to travel to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. We certainly are favored in that we were able to witness just how awesome our Creator is!… Continue reading

Metallic Meets Midnight

We LOVE metallic! Metallic paper, that is! Metallic paper hit the printing scene around 2004. We have seen it evolve from the most basic colors to every shade of the color spectrum. A… Continue reading

The Language of LOVE

Well, the wedding date is set. The venue is secured. Now, it’s time to send out the wedding invitations. Sure, you know what you want them to look like, but do you know… Continue reading

Showered with Paper

Babies are a gift from God so why not begin celebrating them even before they make their grand entrance into the world! Whether you are having a large baby shower or an intimate… Continue reading

Love Wrapped in Chocolate

Love is in the air in Georgia…and Tennessee! We were so excited to serve Kimberly and Tyree. Although this couple resides in Nashville, TN, we were able to make all of their papered… Continue reading

So Many Ways to Say Thanks!

The event is over. The guests are gone. The gifts have been opened. The end, right? Wrong! Every event, whether personal or professional, should end properly with thank you cards! Your guests shared… Continue reading

SIGN of the Times!

Signage. Ahhhh, those obtrusive works of art that we must include at our functions. Cheer up! Signage doesn’t have to be boring or overly expensive. What it does have to be is eye-catching… Continue reading

Lemon Drops of Love

Who doesn’t love New York? We sure do and so does one of our May couples, Darren and Lisa Benbow. As natives of the Big Apple, this couple migrated to the South, but… Continue reading