PWI Meets Technology

Ahhh, the Digital Age. Don’t you just love it? At PWI, we sure do! While our first love is paper, we also love the amazing wonders we can create with technology. Are you looking for a different and innovative way to showcase your product or even say thank you? Well, a custom CD or DVD is the perfect solution! If you’re looking to provide your customers with a wealth of information, why not put it on a CD? We can create the CD, design a custom CD label, as well as create a unique packaging solution. CDs are convenient and practical. DVDs are also a great way to get personal with your loved ones. Looking for a unique invitation idea? Why not send a DVD invitation? Want to share pictures of an event with your loved ones, why not send a DVD thank you? We can streamline your pictures to accompany your favorite song and create a mini-movie that will be remembered for years to come! The possibilities are numerous and when technology and PWI combine, they are absolutely wondrous!