The Language of LOVE

Well, the wedding date is set. The venue is secured. Now, it’s time to send out the wedding invitations. Sure, you know what you want them to look like, but do you know what you want them to say? In past times, wedding invitation verbiage was black and white. The parents of “bride” invited you to the wedding to “groom” and all was said and done. However, as with everything else, that trend has changed. While it is still highly appropriate to use traditional verbiage, there are also many other ways to invite others to your special day. For example, the invitation doesn’t have to begin with the actual invitation. Use a sentence or two to introduce the love you share to your guests. A scripture or short poem is also fitting. Furthermore, more couples choose to acknowledge the groom’s parents as well as the bride’s parents. You can invite your guests to “share, witness, join, or grace” you with their presence. The bottom line is that you don’t have to be rigid when it comes to your wedding invitation verbiage. Every element of your wedding should be personal and unique. Why not start with the invitation?

Visit for verbiage suggestions and then change it up and it your own!