So Many Ways to Say Thanks!

The event is over. The guests are gone. The gifts have been opened. The end, right? Wrong! Every event, whether personal or professional, should end properly with thank you cards! Your guests shared in your wedding day, enjoyed your birthday party, gave at your fundraising event, etc., and they must be shown gratitude. However, there are so many ways to say thanks! You want your event to make a lasting impression on your guests and you should keep that in mind when sending out your thank you cards. For those who are conservative and want to keep their thank you cards simple, there is nothing wrong with a monogram on the outside and personal message on the inside. If you dare to be bolder, though, we can help you think of several ways to relive the memory of the event through the thank you card. We encourage our newlyweds to use a wedding photo for their thank you card so that their guests have a beautiful shot of the bride and groom. If you celebrated a birthday, include a picture that really sums up the night! For those of you with an extensive thank you card list, it is okay to have a pre-printed message; however, if you still want that personal touch, stamp each thank you card with your signature. Don’t dread this final task of the event, take control of it!