Commit to Celebrate


We officially reopened our office for the new year yesterday on January 8. As with previous years, as soon as the clock turned 9:00 a.m., phone calls and emails began. We actually love to hear from our clients and vendors regarding their fresh and innovative ideas for the new year. We take joy in hearing “I got engaged” or “I’m pregnant” or “I’m taking the leap and starting my own business”. In essence, we love to learn that our clients are committed to celebrate in 2013. Whether the occasion is a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, retirement dinner, new business venture, or just a day to reconnect with loved ones, it is our goal to help you firm your commitment to celebrate by doing it on paper. While we certainly take note that we live in a digital world, nothing screams “celebration” like a printed invitation, save the date, program, etc. Why  not escalate your celebration and go against the norm of sending an “Evite”? Your celebration deserves all of the fanfare it can get and what better way to start the process than to commit to beautiful paper. Your commitment to celebrate coupled with our commitment to serve creates an awe-inspring opportunity to resonate to your guests a feeling of anticipation, excitement, and sometimes reciprocal celebration. So, go ahead, find a reason in this new year to do something different, to commemorate your life’s achievement or just to honor the people who make your life special. Find a reason to commit to celebrate; we, in turn, will create the moment…on paper, of course!