2012: Our Classroom


After coming off such an adventurous year in 2011 and celebrating our 10th Anniversary, we began 2012 with great expectation of serving more clients in and outside of Atlanta. While we were blessed to do just that, we also quickly learned that 2012 would be full of growing pains. This is not to say that the year was bad or unfortunate in any way because that would be an untruth; however, in anticipation of every great thing, there lies a great work…and boy, did we work! In our eleventh year of business, we worked harder than we ever worked before, yet it was all worth it. At the end of the day (metaphorically speaking), we realized that hard work didn’t kill us, however, it did reveal the character of our company and of ourselves. In that hard work, we had to come to the realization that as much as we think we are super women, we are not. In our quest to do the best and be the best, something happened- we realized that we were human. Our spirits never wavered, but our minds and bodies did. This did not cause us to stop desiring to serve our clients, but it did cause us to miss some deadlines and inadvertently compromise others’ expectations of the great service they were used to receiving. Personally, we encountered difficulty, but we tried to press on when we should have said “pause”. Our year in review helped us to realize that although PWI is a very strong entity, it is not a perfect entity. We certainly can’t expect to get it right 100% of the time, but we strive for it 110% of the time. At the very center of our company lies service and in some ways, we may have shifted from that in 2012. However, in 2013, we are returning to the core of what makes us unique and what keeps our clients returning time after time and that is superb service. We want to make sure that our clients, our vendors, and our industry partners know that they can always depend on Papered Wonders, Inc to provide excellent service and follow through with our commitment to provide stunning stationery. We were blessed to strengthen existing relationships and build new relationships in 2012 and we look forward to continuing to nurture those relationships in this new year. Furthermore, we are especially excited to serve our clients during some of the most memorable moments in their lives. When our clients allow us to take part in their journey through life, we are at our very best and we never want there to be any hesitation when our clients need a stationer. Our CEO was honored to take part in the Engage12! experience and hopes to infuse the knowledge she gained into our service this year. In 2013, we are determined to not only do better, but to be better. We look forward to growing and hope that you will grow with us. In 2013, we renew the attribute that carried us through the first decade of our business. In this new year, we are “committed to serve”.