Inspired by Everything!

Here at PWI, we are inspired by everything! Our passion is fueled by decor, people, technology, and even weather. In the Atlanta area this week, we had severe thunderstorms and unprecedented flooding. Some areas received more than 15 inches of rain in less than a 24-hour period. Most of the flooding happened in areas not even miles from our office. We were blessed not to have sustained any damage. We were inspired, though, to stay inspired despite everything that happens. We decided to let the rain be our driving force in design this week. Amongst the designs we produced, we began our 2009 Christmas Card Line. It is set to unveil on October 1, 2009. As you continue to be thankful for grace in your lives, we will continue to do the same.

Stay tuned…

Our prayers are with all persons who suffered damages and loss from the flood. May God be with you.