Persistence Is Key

Papered Wonders, Inc. has been blessed to design a multitude of logos. Sometimes, we present one design concept and the client is hooked; other times, we have to dig deep into our creative crevices to design the perfect logo for our client. Let it not be misunderstood, though; we welcome the challenge. It is our goal to provide every client with their own unique “wonder”. If that means extra time is needed or more thought required, we are happy to do so. We want our clients to know that we will use every effort to please them! We are pleased to present one of our most recent logo designs, Simply Stunning Affairs. This logo design took longer to refine and perfect, but the time was worth it when the owner. Cherese A. Michel, said those wonderful three words, “I love it!” So do we.

Here is Cherese’s testimonial:

“I just wanted to thank Lisa of Papered Wonders, Inc again for all of her hard work and dedication with producing my company’s official logo. Lisa is a VERY dedicated and passionate person and believed from the begining that we would be able to work together to produce what I had envisioned my logo to be. My experience working with Lisa was very pleasant and I plan on working with her further to produce more of my company’s branding items. In addition, I will be directing some of my clients her way for their “papered” design needs. Lisa is FULLY endorsed and recommended by Simply Stunning Affairs, LLC. We wish you continued success.”

Cherese A. Michel

Owner of Simply Stunning Affairs, LLC

New York

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