A Papered New Year…2008 in review!

Ok, Webster, in all of his glory, did a great job when he created the Dictionary; however, he forgot to create one word. You know that word that means better than good, more than fabulous, greater than awesome…yeah that word. Whatever that word is describes 2008 for PWI. From January to December, we served clients near and far and were blessed with every opportunity presented to us to create “papered wonders”. Everything that was brought our way gave us another chance to serve God as we served others. Grant it, we had our share of issues, you know technical breakdowns in the office, but through it all, God showed His favor. We serviced brides whom we met six months before the wedding and some whom we met six days before the wedding! We built relationships with some awesome event planners and created invitations for all types of celebratory occasions. We helped to brand new companies and refresh existing ones. Yes, we indeed had a blessed year. We even dabbled our hands in event planning and helped to orchestrate some awesome birthday parties! The staff at Papered Wonders can only attribute the greatness of 2008 to one source- the grace and mercy of God. He took our company to realms we had never traveled to before and not only took us there, but helped us to excel there. As we enter 2009 with great anticipation, we must let you know how absolutely wonderful it was for us to be inspired by clients like you. We are not able to do what we do without you. Each of our clients help to make Papered Wonders, Inc. all that it has become and we anxiously look forward to the next opportunity to serve you! So as we count the year 2008 one for the record books, we describe it with that one word that Webster forgot, the one word that is above undeniably awesome, incredibly fantastic, unbelievably excellent…yeah that word. (Thanks April!)

Photo courtesy of KreativTouch Photography. Thanks Julius!