One word…AMAZING!

Custom Wedding Stationery by PWI.

One of my close friends often says “there is only one Holy Spirit!” She’s right! It’s amazing to me how God orchestrates every aspect of our lives. It’s also wonderful to see how things play out in the paths He allows to cross!

So, here’s how it went down. We had the distinct pleasure of being selected by Nicola Glover Horton from Your Agenda Events to provide wedding day stationery for one of her clients shortly before the wedding date. Maybe about 30 days out…which is nothing new! Sometimes we get contracted 3 days before an event to provide stationery! Hey…what can I say! We roll with the punches! So anyway, we met the client, Mar and her now husband Et’Chane. They were nothing like we expected, but everything we love in a client…uniqueness!

Recently the Towers came to hang out at our Holiday Soiree. As Mar and I continued to talk a couple of days afterwards about her wedding stationery, she sends me the link to her wedding photos. FABULOUS!

Her photographer is well known in Atlanta and nationwide. Shawna Herring..hey! She’s a really cool sistah who happens to be a workaholic like someone else we know! Ok. So we’re peeping the photos and find out that Mar’s best friend is the daughter of one of our dear mothers at church! Imagine that! So, in essence I’ve seen Mar in a magazine shoot before and never knew she would end up being a PWI client! Isn’t God good?!

She was quite a delight to serve. Check out her stationery compliments of Shawna Herring Photography! (c) All rights reserved.

Custom Wedding Programs by PWI.

Custom Wedding Program (The Naomi Specialty) by PWI.