Paper Me Wonderful!

When we first started our blog, we chose the name “CreateMePapered” because we thought it embodied so much of what we strive to accomplish everyday at PWI. We want all of our clients to understand the need for papered memories for every special occasion and endeavor in their life. We love sharing our papered creations as well as the milestones that we reach in business. The CreateMePapered blog has certainly been a source of inspiration for our readers as well as for ourselves. However, in our tenth year of service, we discovered the need to enhance the branding side of our company and felt that the name “CreateMePapered” was a better brand for our design services rather than our blog. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the new name of our blog, “Paper Me Wonderful”. Everything that we do on paper makes us feel wonderful and we want to transfer that feeling of purely wondrous inspiration to our readers. So we hope that you like the new name and that you will continue to find information and inspiration that tickles your fancy and papers you wonderful!

Happy Reading!

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