In the temporal world, man places significance on certain ages such as 1, 5, 10, 16, 21, 30, etc. In man’s eye, these ages represent important changes in life or rather the entrance into a different realm. In God’s world, we realize that every year is special and should be counted as a blessing. Today, Kennedy Renee, daughter of PWI’s Founder and Owner, celebrates her ninth birthday and Papered Wonders, Inc. celebrates nine years of servicing the unique design and print needs of clients near and far. While man might not see this as a milestone, the staff at Papered Wonders, Inc., which includes Kennedy, acknowledges what an abundant blessing we have received. In an economy that changes by the hour, we are beyond blessed to continually be placed in a position to serve. Our company does not seek to boast rather we believe that others will be influenced when they hear our story. Nine years ago, we hoped that Papered Wonders, Inc. would be successful; however, nine years ago we could not have dreamt that God would have smiled upon us the way He has. Nine years ago, Lisa held in the palm of her hand a life that at the time was less than five pounds. She prayed that God would grow Kennedy in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ; but nine years ago, she did not know that God would fashion Kennedy to be the catalyst for a company that provides more than stationery. As Kennedy enters into this ninth year, she does so with the undying hope that life is full of possibilities and with God, nothing is impossible. As PWI enters into its ninth year of full service, we do the exact same.

Happy 9th Birthday Kennedy!

Special thanks to Reggie Terrell Photography for the photos. (Copyright 2006)