Reading for the Soul

It is no secret that we here at Papered Wonders, Inc. love to read! We love to read just about everything, of course our favorite being books. In March, we were pleased to celebrate with our dear friend and loyal client, Sherri Lewis, as she released her novel Selling My Soul. This book is her fourth novel and is sure to keep readers anxious to turn the pages to discover what will happen next. Sherri Lewis has been gifted with the creative ability to not only capture her readers, but inspire her readers. Her novels address several questions that go unasked in the Christian community. She couples the intensity of the material with wholesome humor, which creates the perfect combination for those readers looking to experience a taste of reality while being transported into a fictional world. Readers are sure to be pleased when selecting one of Sherri’s novel for their latest pick. Sherri Lewis confronts matters of the heart and offers a beacon of hope for those struggling with some of life’s tough challenges. Now that’s reading for the soul.