A Look Inside…The LOFT at Castleberry Hill

Joy Pittman of LOFT at Castleberry Hill

During this celebration of Women’s History Month, each week, we will honor a female professional who is doing things her way to carve out her own path to success. This week, we invite you to take a look inside The LOFT at Castleberry Hill.

The LOFT at Castleberry Hill is a unique event venue in the heart of the Castleberry Hill district. This artsy facility provides the perfect backdrop for weddings as well as a number of social events including birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, launch parties, etc. For the past two years, Sales Manager, Joy Pittman, has branded the image of the LOFT as a premiere event facility in the center of the art district in Atlanta. She has worked hard to ensure that Atlantans realize the diamond in the rough that is the LOFT. Visitors to the facility will be pleasantly surprised when they walk in the doors of LOFT to find a space that has several uses, excellent service, and of course, wonderful cuisine. We salute Joy Pittman for carving her way through an industry that doesn’t always allow “something different”. If you’re looking for an out of the box space and a sales manager who pays attention to the details, LOFT at Castleberry Hill and Joy Pittman are the answers for you.

Canvas at LOFT