The Right Choice!

Floral and Decor by Rhonda Patton Designs.

A few years ago, Pepsi ran an advertising campaign with Ray Charles and in essence told consumers that if they chose Pepsi, “they chose the right one baby!”  As you plan your wedding, we want to make sure that you choose the right vendors, in particular stationers, to create your dream day. Many times when we compare vendors, we don’t do equal comparisons. For example, if price is the driving force behind your decision, often times, we end up regretting the decision. Less is not always better! When thinking about your wedding day stationery, you should do so with your entire wedding in mind. How do you want to set the atmosphere? What feeling do you want to leave with your guests? As guests prepare for your day, the only indication that they have is the wedding invitation. Once they leave the reception, the reminders that they will have from the wedding will be the programs and/or favors. Therefore, to create a great first impression and a lasting impression, you must choose your stationery wisely. When comparing, you must compare equal values. Do not compare a custom design company with a company who offers catalog invitations. Compare quality of paper, quality of work, and customer service before choosing a stationer. Make your decisions without any regrets! Find creative ways to obtain the stationery that you want. For example, if there is an invitation style you really desire, consider asking a relative for an early wedding gift to help you make up the difference. At the end of the day, you don’t want to feel as though you made a decision regarding your wedding stationery based on the wrong characteristics. Others might try to discourage you from spending a significant amount of money on paper, but it is YOUR wedding day and that should be all that matters!

It is always our hope that you will choose Papered Wonders, Inc as your stationer of choice!