Pomp and Circumstance

Yes, it’s wedding season, but it’s also graduation season! From kindergarten graduations to high school graduations to college graduations and beyond, it is a wonderful accomplishment when a loved one is privileged to walk across the stage! So what does that mean for you? You guessed it: INVITATIONS! Most graduations occur in May or June, so it is definitely time to get moving. As with wedding invitations, we take pleasure in designing unique graduation invitations to begin the celebration of the wonderful day. Why not let us design a graduation invitation that includes the commencement ceremony information as well as graduation celebration information? It is proper to give a six week window when sending out graduation announcements in case guests need to prepare for travel, etc. If you aren’t exactly inviting loved ones to the ceremony, it is still fitting to send out announcements that will make known the achievement of your loved one. Call us today so that we can begin the pomp and circumstance on paper!