On Time in 2-oh-9!

Clients are always asking about the proper time to mail stationery. In case you don’t have a fabulous wedding planner or a copy of Emily Post’s Book on Etiquette, we’re here to help you out!

SAVE THE DATE’s can be mailed a year before your event day.

Ideally, your INVITATIONS should go out 2 months before your wedding day. This should give your guests plenty of time to plan and save your special day on their calendar. InStyle Wedding Magazine recently recommended you start your wedding stationery order 6-9 months before your wedding day. So be sure to plan ahead! Especially if you want unique custom stationery!

Mail WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS on your wedding day.

Here’s a quick tip about your RSVP date.

Your reply by date can be 3 weeks before your wedding day or ask your wedding coordinator and/or caterer their preference then figure your reply by date from there. Make a list of your guests and assign a number to each household that will be replying. Write in a sharp pencil on the back of each reply card super tiny that number on each reply card you give to that household corresponding with your list! This way when they send back, and if they forget to write in their names, YES they sometimes do this, you will know who they are by the number on the back! Waahhhlah!

There is so much more to know about invitation etiquette. Stay tuned.

Contributor: Instyle Weddings.