PWI Makes History in Washington, DC – The Inaugural Celebration for President Barack Obama

WOW! We must say it again, WOW! The experience of the 56th Presidential Inauguration exceeded our wildest dreams. This was such a great moment in time that we are still relishing in the beauty of it all. Our time spent in our nation’s capital was nothing short of amazing and we are so indebted to our Great God for allowing us to witness such a historic event. Although it took almost 400 years to reach this occasion, it was well worth the wait. America stands for many things and we are so proud to truly say that it stands for freedom and equality. We are most inspired by the history making ability of this great country and encourage you to take full responsibility as an American citizen and do all that you can do to help our President “renew America’s promise”. How can one not be moved by the sight of the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial Wall, the White House, the Capitol, the African American Civil War Memorial, Howard University, the Thurgood Marshall Center, the Pentagon, and the other stately buildings that grace downtown Washington D.C? This weekend, we were reminded exactly why as Americans, we must never quit and why we must continuously against all odds secure freedom at all costs for the generations who will come after us. Our souls rejoice at this time of change and hope for our country. We join with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and we strive, through God’s grace, to make our founding fathers proud. While we acknowledge the greatness of being African-Americans, today we are proud to simply be Americans.

Photos courtesy of The Chicago Tribune